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Genpo Merzel – An official Introduction to Big Mind as Western Zen

Genpo RoshiKen Wilber has described Genpo Merzel’s Big Mind Process as “arguably the most important and original discovery in the last two centuries of Buddhism.” Big Mind is rooted in Jungian Psychology and in Eastern Zen.

The mind is a wonderful thing, capable of brilliant thought and creativity, as well as bringing misery and suffering. How can we understand and work with it? How can we channel this great gift and resource to bring love and joy to our lives and relationships? In this hour long introduction, Zen Master Genpo Merzel will work with us to explore and directly experience how our minds can become our greatest friend and ally.

Dennis Genpo Merzel is a revolutionary in the tradition of the old Zen Masters who so embodied Buddhist teaching that they were able to revitalize and transform it for their own day and age. As Buddhism moved from India to China to Japan and other Asian cultures, it found unique expression in each culture that made its fundamental teachings resonate for a new time and place. Genpo Roshi is working to transmit the essence of the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is readily accessible to Westerners and relevant to our everyday life.