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Robert Waggoner – Lucid Dreaming


On the surface, lucid dreaming seems deceptively simple – a paradoxical state in which you know you are dreaming, while you are dreaming. There, you can fly through space, create fire breathing dragons, and cast spells like Harry Potter, all in the safety of your subconscious mind. Scientifically validated for thirty years, recent neuroscientists have deemed lucid dreaming a “hybrid state of consciousness,” since the dreaming brain and portions of the waking/conscious brain show simultaneous activation. Yet some experienced lucid dreamers, like our presenter, will argue that lucid dreaming allows a person to interact directly with one’s inner Self. Moreover, these interactions meet the criteria that Carl Jung established to show the existence of an “inner awareness.”


Robert Waggoner – Lucid Dreaming: A Gateway to the Inner Self
Length: approximately 90 minutes (including Q&A)