Dream Journey Amsterdam

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Dream Journey Amsterdam

an in-depth local experience of Amsterdam

Aug 2017

Enjoy this video presentation of the tour and itinerary of this dream journey

Get a true local experience of Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. This promises to be a dream journey to the city that was founded in the 13th century, with UNESCO world heritage city center canal ring, and some of the greatest museums in the world.

Travel local style in a small group and learn a lot about the culture of The Netherlands and Amsterdam with your Dutch guide Machiel Klerk. He grew up in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is his ‘other home’. Machiel will tell you about the history of Amsterdam, show you the fun places and provide talks and lectures to give you a real idea of the Dutch and Amsterdam cultural mentality. At the same time you will have time to do an inner journey by engaging in several dream groups and do some one on one inner work with Machiel.

Of course, we’ve also planned lots of time to enjoy modern Amsterdam’s markets, pubs, and the arts as theatre, concerts and festivals too. You’ll come away with a deep and rich understanding of what makes this country tick, and you might have fallen in love with this place.

Tour leader: more about the the former Amsterdam resident tour leader Machiel Klerk here.

Tour Highlights:

-Day trips to Cheese Market in Alkmaar, Windmills of Zaanse Schans and Volendam, and the beach (if weather 
-Guided tours of Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Hermitage, Stedelijk Museum.
-Visit a concert and or theatre.
-Canal tour and several walking and bicycling tours through Amsterdam, including areas where regular tourist 
are less likely to come. See the real Amsterdam.
-See the Red Light district, and learn about the philosophical concepts of dealing with societal issues as 
drugs and prostitution.
-Informal lectures, Dutch movies and by Machiel and other locals to give you a real feel of the Netherlands 
history and culture.
-Enjoy local festivals, markets and parks. Machiel will bring you to the happening events that are taking place 
that week.
-Handpicked culinary delights from fabulous restaurants and open-air markets, enjoy food from  Indonesia, 
South Africa, Suriname and of course the Netherlands.
-Four dream groups, an individual dream and divination work. 
-Free time, with plenty of suggestions, to find your own remarkable Amsterdam.

Pre-Tour event: There will be an evening in person, or a webinar to get
get to know each other and start learning about Amsterdam.

Itinerary: click here or watch this video presentation.

Dates: Aug 26- Sept 3, 2017

Group size: min of 4 and max 8. (a small group that allows for travelling local style, and creating an intimate journey).

Cost: Double Occupancy: $4475  / Single Occupancy: $4975 (airfare is not included).
You can pay via Paypal or a check.

Please let us know by April 1st if you are interested. So we can make the reservations and get the best lodging locations. 
Contact Machiel by email at or call him at +1-801-656-8806

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