Jung Platform

Jung Platform is an educational institute on Jungian psychology and other depth-psychological perspectives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to educate a global diverse community about the medicine within the teachings of Carl Jung and other depth-psychological perspectives. Regardless of how much or how little pre-knowledge you may have of Carl Jung and depth psychology, our lectures have as an aim to help you navigate through and participate in the journey of life and unlock some of its clues.

We offer online Jungian and other depth-psychological seminars delivered by experts in their field that you can watch live or on-demand over the Internet from the comfort of your home or anywhere else in the world. These events are applicable to people of all races, cultures and ethnicity, and provide a diverse non-biased perspective.

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Our Partners

Jung Platform is pleased to have formed an alliance with two organizations in the field of depth psychology – Shrink Rap Radio and The Depth Psychology Alliance.

Shrink Rap Radio, Jung Platform, and Depth Psychology Alliance are joining forces to bring new educational content in the field of Jungian and depth psychology to interested individuals. Everyone intrigued by Jungian and depth psychology should take note of this strategic combination of expert resources delivering online interviews, videos, teleseminars, podcasts, and multi-platform book-related events featuring leading experts and authors in the field.

This unique organizational alliance is focused on providing content to increase knowledge, awareness, and reflective discourse for everyone studying and practicing in the fields of Jungian psychology, depth psychology, ecopsychology, and related fields.

Our plan is to cross-promote events and services and to share some of our resources. Click here to view our full press release. Please click on the logos below to visit our partner websites:

Depth Psychology Alliance

Shrink Rap Radio