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Machiel KlerkMachiel Klerk : Founding President

Machiel Klerk is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has studied for over 20 years Jungian Psychology. He followed a course at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, and has a master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Machiel developed a style of working with dreams, called Dream Dialogue. Based on a dream Machiel founded the Jung Society of Utah and the Jung Platform.

E-mail: machiel@jungplatform.com


Akke-Jeanne Klerk : Education Program Director

Akke-Jeanne is currently working as a psychology lecturer at the University of applied sciences in Amsterdam. Since 1996 she has taken a special interest in Jungian psychology and dreams. Consequently she has attended training in Jungian psychology. In her capacity of the Education Program Director for the Jung Platform she is responsible for setting program priorities, responding to constituent needs and requests, and developing new educational projects.

E-mail: akkejeanne@jungplatform.com


Machiel KlerkJennafer Martin: Social Media Director

Jennafer Martin is a professional writer, marketer and psychic as well as a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator facilitator and Reiki practitioner. Her interest in the teachings of Carl Jung began in college, and they grew as she learned more about the way that archetypes and her dreams, could help her on her journey. As the director of social media, Jennafer promotes the thought-provoking programs and events of the Jung Platform and Jung Society of Utah on Facebook and Twitter.


CE program development team

Susan Mann
As a CE Program Manager at the Jung Platform, Susan creates online courses for Continuing Education programs. A writer and a teacher, her interest in Jung and post Jungian work has grown out of a love for mythology, dreams and the imagination, as well as a fascination for the creative possibilities that exist within the shadow. She obtained a Master’s Degree in creative writing under the mentorship of André Brink, and completed a graduate course on Joseph Campbell at Pacifica University. She is the author of two novels.

PC Leong

PC holds the Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) professional designation from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She is an eclectic mix of professional and life experiences; aspirations and achievements; failures, disappointments and rejections, all integrated (well, more or less…it’s lifelong work in progress…) into the PC gestalt. Her interest in Jung, all things Jungian and the Jung Platform is imbued by Jung’s “the approach to the numinous is the real therapy.” As a CE Program Manager her mandate is to develop CE programs that are relevant, informed and fully in-line with CE criteria.

Lanette Rose Best

Lanette Rose Best is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She primarily works with diverse populations, including the Refugee/Immigrant populations who have resettled in Utah. She also has a small private practice at the Center for Counseling Excellence where she works with clients on trauma related issues, using self-regulation techniques and EMDR. She coauthored, developed and teaches a program for young adults with Autism/Aspergers disorder, the social skills necessary, to navigate successfully in the workplace. Lanette has been interested in dream work and the teachings of Dr. Jung for the past twenty five years. She has taken many classes and workshops on this subject. She has studied Shamanism, Tarot, world religions, mysticism, and Kundalini Yoga. She loves dance in all its forms, and believes that it’s through dance that her “soul self” expresses itself.

Maggie Hippman

Maggie has worked predominantly with at-risk adolescents in therapeutic environments including Wilderness Therapy and Horticulture Therapy. She also teaches yoga and has an intense interest in mindfulness based-practices. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a master’s in Environmental Humanities, she is interested in how the principles of depth psychology can open up possibilities for healing both human psychology and environmental issues.

Jenna Milligan

Jenna attended Pacifica Graduate Institute where she received a Master’s degree in Mythological Studies. Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, she continues to stay active in the Jungian community. As a CE Program Developer at Jung Platform she is dedicated to sharing her passion for both Myth and Depth Psychology by creating thought-provoking and inspiring courses

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