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CPT One Year Online Dream Work Group

One Year Online Dream Work Group

 with Machiel Klerk

During our marvelous and magical time together at our workshop weekend in Cape Town, several participants suggested continuing the dream work connection by creating an online dream work group. Therefore I have developed the following program. We will be meeting once a month for 1.5 hours to work on our dreams, and continue to deepen our understanding of the nature of dreams through dream work theory. For this purpose I will keep the group small (6 – 8 people), as that allows for everybody to participate and share a dream on a regular basis. This is a great way to really connect with your dreams for a longer period of time and benefit from that connection. If there is enough interest we can always start a second group.

Dream teacher Machiel Klerk is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has studied Jungian Psychology for 20 years. He followed a course at the Jung Institute in Zurich, and has a Master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Additionally, he has finished a three year training in depth psychology and dream work with Robert Bosnak. Machiel developed his own style of working with dreams called Dream Dialogue. He is also a gifted African diviner. He has published articles, gives workshops and lectures in Europe, Africa, and North America. Machiel is also the founding president of the Jung Society of Utah and Jung Platform.

Content of the dream work group: In this dream work group we will work mainly on our dreams, yet also explore dream theory both as little lecture blocks and while working on the dreams.

There are 11 months including January 2018. We meet every fourth Tuesday, except for May and July when we will meet on the third Tuesday.
(3/28, 4/25, 5/16, 6/27, 7/18, 8/22, 9/26, 10/24, 11/28, 12/26, and 1/23)

Time: The first two classes start at 18:00, all other classes are from 19:00 – 20:30
Length: 90 minutes
Size of the group: 6 – 8 people (small group so it allows for a lot of interaction)

Location: Online. Zoom software allows for 8 people to be online and share video at the same time so we can have the sense of being a group.

Cost: 300 ZAR per evening. For the whole year (11 classes) it is only 2900 ZAR instead of 3300 ZAR.
Or pay in three installments of 1100 ZAR. Only possible to participate in the whole year.

Email machiel@jungplatform.com with any questions.

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Four week course on Personal Myth

Personal Myth and the Quest for Meaning

Four week course by Dennis P. Slattery

“Thus it is that I have now undertaken, in my eighty-third year, to tell my personal myth. I can only make direct statements, only ‘tell stories.’ Whether or not the stores are ‘true’ is not the problem. The only question is whether what I tell is my fable, my truth.”

C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams Reflections, pp. 3-4.

Course Overview: In this series of webinars, we will explore several angles on the complexity of personal mythology. Jung himself saw it as “the task of tasks” for anyone of us. Not knowing some of the contours of our personal mythology leaves us open to all forms of propaganda, abuse and misdirection, especially when we unknowingly or knowingly, begin to live out another’s personal myth, leaving our own gasping at the side of road, unacknowledged and unlived. We will engage the four arenas outlined below to come to a greater understanding of what myth is wanting to live us.

Class I. Personal Mythology. I will use sections from my own book, Riting Myth, Mythic Writing: Plotting Your Personal Story (2012) to engage some of the terms of a personal myth as I understand it. I will also invite you, between each session, to engage one or two “riting meditations” and ask that you write them out in cursive rather than use your lap top. In our next session I will invite some of you to read what you have written.

Class II. Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Call to/Refusal of The  Adventure. We will select several key passages from The Hero With a Thousand Faces to deepen our understanding of being called and, if one so chooses, refusing the call.

Class III. Living Myth and Mimesis. The ancient Greeks discovered what Aristotle was to call mimesis, which is a process by which we discover something in the outer world that has a connection to our inner world. Our creation of a personal myth is generated in part from such a connection. Mimesis also rests at the heart of stories, narratives that have particular resonance in our lives.

Class IV.  Psyche, Poetics and Mythic Analogies. Jung himself wrote that “analogy formation” is a law which to a large extent governs the psyche. We will ask how the power of analogy is operative in the creation of our personal mythology.

Presenter: Dr. Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D. is Core Faculty, Mythological Studies Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California, where he holds the rank of Distinguished Professor. See www.pacifica.edu  He is the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of 25 volumes, including six volumes of poetry and one novel. His recent books include: Bridge-Work: Essays on Mythology, Literature, and Psychology (2015), Creases in Culture: Essays Toward a Poetics of Depth (2015) and Our Daily Breach: Exploring Your Personal Myth Through Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick (2016). He offers Riting Personal Myth Retreats throughout the United States, in Canada, Europe and Ireland.


Dates: 16 May, Class 4

Time: 2:30 pm EST / 11:30am PST

Length: 90min


Price: $89.00

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Four week – Dream Incubation Course – with Machiel Klerk

Dream Incubation Course – with Machiel Klerk

How Dream Incubation can help you live a Dream Life


Course description: In this four week course you will learn how to connect with the world of dream, and get help and suggestions on how to realize your goals. Dreaming can help you with health, relationships, inventions, vocation, creativity and to explore the nature of reality.

You will learn about this ancient and world wide tradition of asking help from the dream. We will explore some of the historical roots, especially in the Asclepian tradition. It will be very exciting to learn what kind of questions you can ask, and how best to phrase these questions. You will get some insight on how to be with the dream answers, and how to follow up on the dreams with a ritual. You will learn an invaluable tool that you can use for the rest of your life!

About the speaker: Machiel Klerk is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has studied for 20 years Jungian Psychology. He followed a course at the Jung Institute in Zurich, and has a Master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Plus he has finished an additional 3 year training in depth psychology and dreamwork with Robert Bosnak. Machiel developed his own style of working with dreams called Dream Dialogue. He has published articles, gives workshops and lectures in Europe, Africa and North America. Machiel is also the founding president of the Jung Society of Utah. Machiel has traveled to over 40 countries and lived in 4 continents for a year or more.

 Class topics

Class 1-  Introduction to Dream Incubation.

Class 2 – How to phrase the Dream Question

Class 3 – How to be with the Dream Answer

Class 4 – How to live a dream life?


 Learning objectives:

  • *Learn how to use dream incubation – to achieve your goals, get more healthy or explore the nature of reality.
  • *Learn about dream incubation history, the Asclepian dream tradition, what types of questions you can ask, the pitfalls, how to ask the right question and how to be with the dream answer
  • *Dream work is ritual
  • *Practical work with dreams


Length: 4 times a 60 minute class.

Cost: $89 – incl. audio recording.


send a check to: Jung Platform. 29 Layton Ave. Salt Lake City. UT. 84115

pay over the phone: +1-801-656-8806

pay by paypal, use email info@jungplatform.com

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Price: $80.00

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Malidoma Divination Course 1

Price: $1.00

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A course with James Hollis

Jung Platform and SAAJA present: A course with James Hollis.

Internationally acclaimed Jungian Analyst, teacher and author James Hollis presents this course on four important life topics.

Each class is 60 minutes + 30 minutes bonus discussion between Hollis and the Cape Town participants.


Class 1: On the Psychology of Men.

Women have courageously examined their roles and the limitations placed upon their souls.  Men similarly need to examine the presuppositions and limitations which govern their lives.   This program will explore the range of male definitions, the often unconscious relationship to mother and father, and the role which fear plays in mens lives.   Only a frank discussion of these secrets breaks the conspiracy of silence which estranges them not only from women but even more from themselves. (This program is as much for women as it is for men).

Class 2: On The Psychology of the Second Half of Life.

Finding meaning in the second half of life requires asking larger questions of ourselves, and challenging our values.  To ask these questions three things are requisite:  that we recover a sense of personal authority, that we strike a better balance between obligation to others and obligation to self, and that we construct a more mature spirituality. How do we recover our lives, grow as persons, and become increasingly at home with the person we are becoming?

Class 3: On the Psychodynamics of Relationships.

No theme seems more to preoccupy us than the desire for relationship, yet everywhere we see broken relationships. Why?   Is it that relationships are too important, but how could that be? The relationship between self and Other carries always the imprint of first relationships.  In any present relationship we are inevitably enmeshed in the psychological mechanisms of projection and transference of our earliest images of self and Other. This lecture will explore our projection/transference dynamics, the desire to merge with the other which our hidden agenda embodies, and the search for the Magical Other.

Class 4: The Personal Myth in Turbulent Times.

Just over a century ago, Jung asked himself, “What is my myth?” He concluded he could not answer that question, and thus launched a sustained effort to address the matter. Can we answer it? In order to begin, we first have to understand what is meant by myth. Then, we need to consider what the question itself means. Why we even have to ask this question is yet another question. What is the cultural context in which we raise these questions? How do our personal journeys intersect with the climate of our time?  How does one go about the construction of, or the identification of the “personal myth,” and how does that very personal work affect our relationship to others?

James Hollis has taught on Jungian Psychology all over the world and hardly needs introduction to South African audiences where he is well known for his books which include: The Middle Passage (1993), Under Saturns Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men (1994), Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places (1996), The Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Other (1998), What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life (2008) and Hauntings: Dispelling the Ghosts who run our lives (2013).

Structure of each class:
50 minute lecture
10 min general Q&A
30 min Q&A with SAAJA only

Cost: $89

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Price: $79.00

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Frankenstein class 8 the orphan

Price: $1.00

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Free Dream Webinar

Price: $25.00

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Alchemy course 2- class 9

Alchemy course 2- class 9

Price: $25.00

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Malidoma Some class 4

class 4

Price: $25.00

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