Care of the Soul in Daily life – A One Year Certification Training Program- with Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore

This year long certification course in ‘Care of the Soul in Daily Life’ is an introduction to the work of Thomas Moore and especially about living a life with soul and spirit. It steers a middle course between study and practical living. It would be useful for people wanting to live more deeply and go beyond the surface ideas of contemporary psychology and spirituality and for therapists, counselors, medical professionals and teachers looking for a deeper approach to their work.

Content of the course:

This intensive one year certification training program has four modules, and each module will be the topic of each of the in person long weekend workshops. In each month that there is no in person training weekend, there will be an online webinar. In between the classes you will get assignments and suggested reading material.

I.         SOUL IN EVERYDAY LIFE.  A soulful life is seriously engaged with the ordinary stuff of daily life: making a home, cultivating friendships, doing work you love, finding friendship, community and beauty.  It thrives on intimate connection, an appreciation for the past and full individual and emotional presence.

Philosophy teaches that the soul brings out our humanity and keeps us attached to people and places. Many people live soulful lives, but modern society generally has a different set of values. Contemporary spirituality also favors different values, such as detachment, meditative states and purity of lifestyle. So this course is an introduction to a soul-directed life that has its own pleasures and values.

II. IMAGINATION, POETICS AND NARRATIVE.  Imagination is the main power of the soul. Central to entering the domain of soul is an appreciation for a poetic style of expression and a sophisticated understanding of story. Again, we live in a world of facts and empirical studies. The soul orientation is more inspired by the arts and ideas.

This special approach to life gives the arts a central place in culture and in private life. It stresses the place of beauty and thoughtfulness at home, at work and in society. Soul is about depth and a layered appreciation for the stories we live. The arts teach us how to make a life and a life work that values family, community, land and the natural world. To cultivate this soul asks that we assess the values we have assumed to be important and refocus on those things that favor deep human connection.


III.     THE SOUL IN RELATIONSHIP.  Relationships, especially intimate ones, are unimaginably deep and full of mystery.  Since soul is more about deepening our humanity than perfecting our lives, imperfection has a place. The goal, if you can speak of one, in caring for the soul is not to improve, solve problems and get better, but to go deeper into who we are and what we are doing.

How can we approach relationship soulfully and heal the soul of a wounded relationship? Tending relationships is a fundamental aspect of care of the soul. We go deep into the mystery that has brought people together and into the mystery of each person’s story and destiny.

IV, SPIRITUALITY WITH SOUL.  Spirit moves in a different direction and needs soul for grounding and humanization. Soul keeps a focus on basic human needs, like family and home, emotion and eros. It keeps spirit from becoming too literal and critical. Spiritual practice tends toward perfection, while soul work allows a great deal of individual imperfection.

Spirituality without soul can be extreme in its demands. The soul keeps human ordinariness in the mix. In the soulful life there is plenty of room for pleasure, doubt, discussion, experiment and wonder. Add these qualities to any spiritual practice, and it will become richer and more enjoyable. It will have added dimension, heart and imagination.

Each participant can take the course in his or her own direction. Therapists could focus on bringing soul into their practice, and anyone can make the course a more personal exploration. Still, this is an introductory course, a solid preparation for more focused courses to follow.

The teacher: Thomas Moore published his classic Care of the Soul in 1992 and has since written twenty books on spirituality, sexuality, myth, religion and depth psychology. His books have been translated into thirty languages. He has taught religious studies and psychology and has been a psychotherapist for over 30 years. He often speaks at C. G. Jung societies and has done special work consulting at major medical centers with the idea of bringing soul to medicine. He was a close friend and collaborator with James Hillman and published an anthology of Hillmans work with extensive introductions and commentaries. He writes fiction and music and has a special relationship with Ireland, the home of his ancestors. He lives in New England.

Dates: Four long weekends in person with Thomas Moore, expected to start in Sept 2017. In each month that there is no in person training weekend, there will be an online webinar. In between the classes you will get assignments and suggested reading material.

Location: Jaffrey, New Hampshire

Cost: $4250, early bird discount $3900 before August 1 (payment in installments possible) Including a certification.

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