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FREE Dream Webinar recording
with Dream Experts: Robert Waggoner, Robert Bosnak and Machiel Klerk

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In this premier event, world renowned dream experts Robert Waggoner and Robert Bosnak join Machiel Klerk in a three-way dialogue to discuss Klerk’s new CD, Rumi and the World of Dream. In this discussion the three dream workers talk about their ways of working with dreams, the importance of lucid dreams in their life, ways to engage with the dream beings and visits of ancestors in the world of dream. It is a fascinating talk, and you can get your free download here.

In the CD “Rumi and the World of Dream” Klerk describes the three basic characteristics of dreaming that help us relate to dreams in an experiential and relational way. The great interpreter of poet Rumi, Coleman Barks has provided an introduction and bonus feature to the CD.

Dream Discussion Participants:


Robert Waggoner is one of the greatest lucid dreamers in the western world and author of Lucid Dreaming, Gateway to the Inner Self. He is also the past president-elect of the International Association of study of Dreams.

Robert Bosnak, PsyA is a Jungian psychoanalyst who graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 1977. He developed a method of working with dreams called Embodied Imagination. Bosnak also wrote several books, among which the worldwide bestseller ‘A Little Course In Dreams’.

Machiel Klerk, LMFT is the author of a unique style of working with dreams called: Dream Dialogue. He is also the founder of the Jung Society of Utah, licensed therapist and a dream worker.

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Length of discussion 75 minutes

Free Webinar Audio Download

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Malidoma Some – A Healing Relationship with the Ancestors

“The endless challenges faced daily in this culture could be traced back to a disturbing relationship with ancestors. This in turn, could be a reflection of the rather dysfunctional relationship forced upon people by the circumstances of modernity. How do we repair, heal, and honor the undying tie with our forbears? How can this reflect on our relationship with this world and with each other in family and in community? These are some of the questions that this weekend will attempt to address. We will engage our ancestors, the good and the bad, the appealing and the less than appealing in an attempt to clear whatever dirty laundry has been the unfinished homework that together we must do. We will learn of their wishes and share ours with them. Together with them we will ritualize our mutual concerns in an initiative that heals our world and theirs.” ~Malidoma Patrice Somé~

Malidoma Patrice Some, PhD is from Brukina Faso, West Africa. He is a gifted shaman and holds three master’s degrees and two doctorates. He is a storyteller, author and spokesman of the West African wisdom tradition.

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James Hollis – The Psychospiritual Dilemma of Our Time

What are the sources of guidance for a thoughtful person in our country amid political fractionation, animosity, divisive ideologies, and numbing distractions – a time in which the individual has an enormous summons to social, psychological, and spiritual integrity? This presentation will challenge the audience to assume responsibility for a thoughtful, discerned, and experientially verified authority, one which bases itself on respect for others, but also embodies a willingness to show up, to be different, to stand
for something real. Please bring a notebook and pen for your own personal reflection.

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James Hollis, Ph. D., is a Zurich-trained Jungian Analyst in Houston, TX, and author of thirteen books, the latest being What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life and Why Good People Do Bad Things.

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Michael Conforti – Dreams, Jung, M.L. von Franz

Once upon a time, or so begins many a story, we looked to the heavens and to the angels for inspiration. And we prayed. The Gods of antiquity have now been replaced with clever conversation, and now we stand in saluted attention to the personal. So with the illusion that the Gods are no longer worthy of our attention, we seek inspiration from the commonplace and look for divinity in what we can easily see in the light. Throughout our history as a species, there has been deep regard for the dream as a source of knowledge far greater than that of the conscious mind. In dreams we are presented with an understanding about the nature of our life and destiny, which far too often is veiled from our eyes because of the many “concerns” of daily life. And then, too, if we listen closely to the whispers of this voice, we can hear a murmur of a destiny waiting to be embraced.

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In this lecture, Dr Conforti will present the work of the early masters in Jungian psychology and discuss the presence of the objective psyche in dreams. Jungian psychology was the first to examine dreams, the personal and collective unconscious and our rich unconscious life using story, myth and active imagination to illuminate the workings of the unconscious elements of our psyche. The writings of C.G. Jung, Marie-Louise von Franz, and the other early Jungians were truly inspired. They brought us into a world where spirit, Self and soul were captured on every page, where the pages were the canvas for these artists seeking to capture in words and images what they experienced within the inner world.

Dr. Michael Conforti is a Jungian analyst and the founder and Director of The Assisi Institute. He has been a faculty member at the Jung Institute Boston and Jung Foundation of New York. A pioneer in the field of matter-psyche studies, Dr. Conforti investigates the workings of archetypal fields and the relationship between Jungian psychology and science. He lectures worldwide. He is the author of Threshold Experiences: The Archetype of Beginnings (2007) and Field, Form and Fate: Patterns in Mind, Nature and Psyche.

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David Cumes – An Indigenous Approach to Dreams

Indigenous people believe that dreams are scripted by our ancestors to instruct us, and are every bit as real as the waking state. In South Africa, sangomas (shamans) use dream interpretation to make diagnoses for a patient’s waking life based on this ancestral instruction. Because dreams are most often expressed in the subtle language of metaphor, and are also vulnerable to pollution by trickster spirits, the sangomas’ ability to interpret dreams makes it a mastered skill. Learning how the ancestors reach us and how to distinguish true dreams from those scripted by dark spirits, opens us up to a source of wonder and sometimes even life-saving information.

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David Cumes, MD, received his surgical training in Johannesburg and has taught at Stanford Medical Center. After extensive travel which included time with the Bushmen and shamans in Peru and South Africa, Dave was initiated as a sangoma in South Africa. He is a bridge between Western medicine and indigenous healing wisdom maintaining his surgical practice while also practicing as a sangoma out of his home. Dave has authored five books including The Spirit of Healing and Africa in My Bones.

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Jung Platform Package

This limited time package includes

all audio programs from Jung Society of Utah

season four lectures:

  • David Cumes – An Indigenous Approach to Dreams
  • Lionel Corbett – Jung’s Approach to Spirituality and Religion
  • Diane Musho Hamilton – The Miracle of We
  • James Hollis – The Psychospiritual Dilemma of Our Time
  • Coleman Barks and David Darling – An Evening of Rumi’s Poetry with music and commentary
  • Stephen Aizenstat – Tending the Living Image: A Dream Tending Lecture
  • Bob Walter – Mythology, Health, and Healing
  • Michael Meade – Why the World Doesn’t End
  • Richard Kradin – The Placebo Response: Power of Unconscious Healing

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Lionel Corbett – Jung’s Approach to Spirituality and Religion

Jung’s approach to the psyche is intrinsically spiritual, which is why many of us are attracted to his work. At a time when increasing numbers of people are disenchanted with traditional religious institutions, Jungian psychology offers the possibility of developing a personal spirituality that is not dependent on any dogma or doctrines. For therapists and for people on an individuation journey, Jung’s psychology allows us to work spiritually and psychologically at the same time.

This lecture will describe Jung’s view of religion and the ways in which the manifestations of the transpersonal psyche such as numinous experience are related to the individual’s life situation and personality. I will also discuss Edward Edinger’s suggestion that thanks to Jung we are now entering a new stage in our religious development, which he called a new dispensation.

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Dr. Lionel Corbett trained in medicine and psychiatry in England and as a Jungian Analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. His primary interests are: the religious function of the psyche, especially the way in which personal religious experience is relevant to individual psychology; the development of psychotherapy as a spiritual practice; and the interface of Jungian psychology and contemporary psychoanalytic thought. Dr. Corbett is a core faculty member of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California, where he teaches depth psychology. He is the author of numerous professional papers and three books: Psyche and the Sacred, The Religious Function of the Psyche, and The Sacred Cauldron: Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice.

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Coleman Barks / David Darling: Rumi poetry – A Turning Night of Stars

An Evening of Rumi with Music and Commentary – A Turning Night of Stars. The ecstatic poetry of 13th century Persian mystic Rumi, the most widely read poet in America today, performed by Coleman Barks, acclaimed poet, translator and interpreter with Grammy award winning cellist, David Darling.

Experience thirteenth-century mystical poet Rumi as you never have before—through the resonant, whiskey-and-syrup voice of Coleman Barks, a preeminent poet, scholar, and celebrated interpreter of Rumi’s work. He is bard in the truest sense of the word. Coleman’s extraordinary recitation is gracefully accompanied by the music of David Darling, a Grammy-winning artist who connects the earthy incense of Rumi’s words with the celestial strings of the cello. In this exquisite performance, Heaven and Earth unite in one of the most stunningly beautiful expressions of music and poetry that you will ever experience.

This event was hosted by the Jung Society of Utah and Two Arrows Zen Center.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Coleman Barks was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was educated at the University of North Carolina and the University of California at Berkeley. He taught poetry and creative writing at the University of Georgia for thirty years. Coleman is the author of numerous Rumi translations and has been a student of Sufism since 1977. His work with Rumi was the subject of an hour-long segment in Bill Moyers’s Language of Life series on PBS, and he is a featured poet and translator in Bill Moyers’s poetry special, “Fooling with Words.” He is the father of two grown children and the grandfather of four. He lives in Athens, Georgia.

David Darling — “Maverick cellist” is the phrase most often assigned to Grammy-winning artist David Darling, but it hardly captures the richness, diversity, breadth and sense of humor of a man who literally redefines the way the cello is played and the way music is taught. His prolific collection of recordings and innovative performance style represent an eclectic variety of musical genres. His playful and unconventional teaching methods have helped open the world of music and improvisation to thousands of individuals.

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Stephen Aizenstat – Tending the Living Image

In this insightful and inspiring lecture, Stephen Aizenstat invites you into the world of Dream Tending. Dr. Aizenstat has developed Dream Tending methods that feature a process of discovery in which dreamers become “naturalists” of the psyche, observing the activity of the images in the unfolding dreamscape. In tending the dream, dreamers experience the particularity of the images as they become increasingly visible, distinct, and present.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., is the Chancellor and Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has explored the power of dreams through depth psychology and his own research for more than 35 years. His Dream Tending methodologies extend traditional dream work to the vision of an animated world and his work opens creativity and the generative process. Dr. Aizenstat’s book, Dream Tending, describes multiple new applications of dreamwork in relation to health and healing, nightmares, the World’s Dream, relationships, and the creative process. For more information on his other publications, visit

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Bob Walter – Mythology, Health, and Healing

In this talk we will explore the relationship between mythology and health: how the visceral beliefs—the myths—of both patient and physician interact either to positively impact or impede, not only their interpersonal relationship, but more importantly, the healing process itself.

We will investigate some of the biological bases for such mythic understandings, and scrutinize the ways in which technological development, globalization, and the ubiquity of mass media are continually redefining and reshaping our understanding of what it means to be “healthy.”

Finally, we will diagnose, so to say, the well-being of the body politic by examining how our contemporary mythos—whether consciously articulated or unacknowledged—fails to inform our lives with the art of living by its insistent denial of the fact of death and the inevitability of our dying.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

In 1979 Bob “retired” from the professional theater and became editorial director of Joseph Campbell’s Historical Atlas of World Mythology. When Campbell died (1987), Bob, his literary executor, completed portions of his Atlas and oversaw the posthumous publication of Volume I (two books) and Volume II (three). In 1991, Jean Erdman Campbell and Bob created the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF), and he was named its executive director. He continues as executive editor of the Collected Works of Joseph Campbell to guide the publication of Campbell’s oeuvre in print, audio, and video. He was appointed JCF president in 1998. He has presented papers, seminars, and/or workshops on four continents, and has served since 2002 as a Trustee of the Tamalpais Union High School District (Marin County, California).

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