Refund Policy


1. Potential participants who have purchased one of the Jung Platform’s video lectures may receive a refund only in the following instances:
• Event cancellation without rescheduling within the 90-day timeframe
• Technical difficulties that do not allow the participant to view the event within the 90-day timeframe
2. Potential participants may not receive a refund for the purchase of the Continuing Education credits whether or not a certificate has been issued.
3. In the event that home study materials (DVD, articles, etc.), are defective or damaged, a replacement will be forwarded to the original recipient within 30 days of notification.
4. Requests for a refund with supporting documentation can be made by contacting the Jung Platform at


for the Jung Platform and Malidoma Some course on Divinations

The tuition needs to be paid one month after being accepted to the course, and at the minimum the check needs to be received by the Jung Platform before the course starts.

The tuition fee is non-refundable.

The course will be conducted with a minimum of ten participants signing up. If you have paid and we don’t reach the minimum number of participants, then we will refund the total amount of the money you have paid. We will let you know when the minimum number is reached.

Payments need to make in cash or check. If you decide to pay with the credit card, and additional 2.9% fee is charged on top of the amount. The additional 2.9% fee is non refundable.

The tuition fee pays for the course. This tuition fee excludes any other costs such as travel, lodging and meals at the course, and any other expenses you decide to make in regards to the course. By signing this you also understand  you will purchase your own cloth, stones and shells for the divination practice.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and expressly consent to the Jung Platform and Malidoma Some Course Tuition and Fee Agreement.