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Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives
for your Personal Journey.

Inspiring Teachers

We carefully select our faculty members. They include some of the most soulful, embodied and respected teachers in their fields.

Practical Guidance

We ask our teachers to provide examples, exercises, tools and companion guides where possible. To help you implement the insights into your daily life.

Facilitating Connection

We aspire to help you connect deeper with yourself, with fellow participants, with faculty members and with the Other World.

Latest Articles

The Feminine Erotic Soul: Source of Creativity & Healing

The Feminine Erotic Soul: Source of Creativity & Healing

Why is the feminine erotic soul important for men and women today? Feminine and masculine are beyond gender. We all have some balance of masculine and feminine qualities no matter what our sexual orientation.

Chretien’s “The Knight of the Cart”

Chretien’s “The Knight of the Cart”

One of the greatest Arthurian romances about marriage and relationship concerns the adulterous love between Lancelot and Guenevere.

Nightmare Metaphors for COVID-19

Nightmare Metaphors for COVID-19

Our dreaming mind is intensely visual, so when it feels fear, it searches for an image to match that feeling.