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Alchemy Matters – with Robert Bosnak

James Hillman was a past master of alchemical psychology. This field uses metaphors derived from ancient alchemy to elucidate deep structures in the creative imagination. Creative processes are not random. Imagination embodies along lines that become apparent when we ponder the frequently incomprehensible images of alchemy. James Hillman was the primary training analyst of Robert Bosnak, who developed the field of embodied imagination: the way in which images can be felt in the body and shape our embodied condition. By studying alchemical psychology we come to understand ourselves and other humans in surprising ways that frequently diverge sharply from the habitual understandings we have unconsciously absorbed from the cultures in which we were raised. These new awarenesses can engender unexpected new vitality and wonder.

Alchemy Matters!

With Robert Bosnak

Topic: The Art of Alchemy was not just a precursor of science. Alchemy held that all matter has an inner life. Alchemists studied their material not as object, but as subjects with whom to communicate. This is similar to our experience with dreaming. In dreams we find ourselves in an experientially real world created by imagination where everything exists in a state of constant animation. Since alchemy studies the animation of matter Jung found it a royal entry into the study of the deep embodied imagination. We know that he continued his journey through the Deep, begun in the Red Book, in his study of alchemy culminating in his magnum opus Mysterium Coniunctionis.

Speaker Robert Bosnak: In this talk Jungian psychoanalyst Robert Bosnak, himself an over 40 years student of alchemy and dreaming, will explore the inner microcosm of things by way of the alchemical writings of C.G. Jung and James Hillman. He will demonstrate the profound impact alchemy could have on psychotherapists, practitioners of the arts, and upon anyone interested in creative imagination. The study of alchemy quickens the senses and makes us more alive as we derive poignant inspiration from our ancestors.

This webinar is also an introduction to an online Alchemy course on James hillman’s book Alchemical Psychology.  

This lecture is an introduction to Alchemy that is followed by five in-depth 10 class online course at www.JungPlatform.com in the study of embodied alchemical psychology as exemplified by James Hillman.


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