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An In-depth Exploration of Placebo Response – Richard Kradin

An In-depth Exploration of Placebo Response

Understanding the mind and body’s natural ability to promote a healing response

Become a more effective healer, therapist or medical practitioner by learning how the evoke the placebo response for your clients or in your practice. 

This three part pre-recorded video course is exclusively available to Jung Platform.


The course focuses on the innate capacity of the human mind-body to naturally promote a healing response (a.k.a. the placebo response). This response is in part based on the capacity for the response to occur, but also cultivated – or in part inhibited – by early developmental events. The placebo response is one of the mechanisms that the body has aiming towards healing. The placebo response happens in the interaction between a caregiver and a patient, and can occur in the doctor’s office, between friends as well as in psychotherapy.


  • This course is relevant for all mental health practitioners as well as anyone in the medical or healing professions.
  • Anyone interested in their personal healing and wishing to gain a deeper understanding of placebo and the healing response, will also benefit from this course


This course is designed to help you:

  • Analyze the different factors involved in the placebo response
  • Describe psychological and biological processes that are involved in the placebo response
  • Recognize the factors involved in the placebo response when they are at play in interactions with clients (or in intra-personal interactions)
  • Apply behavior that increases the likelihood of evoking the placebo response

About the Course Presenter:

Kradin MD is a physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital, research immunologist. He is the author of more than 200 articles in the medical several texts including the Herald Dream (2006, Karnac), the Placebo Response (2008, Routledge) and Psychosomatic Disorders(2012, Routledge). He is a training analyst at the CG Jung Institute. He lectures internationally. He is the recipient of the Gradiva Prize in psychoanalysis and trained in both Freudian and Jungian analysis. He’s a member of the MGH center for Psychoanalytical Studies. He has a Masters degree from Harvard in Religion and is the recipient of the Harvard University Small Prize (summa cum laude).

Course Detail:

Lecture 1: The historical basis of therapeutics

Lecture 2: The neurobiology of well-being

Lecture 3: Evoking the placebo response

Duration: 3hrs 44mins
Location: Online

Format: Downloadable Video and Audio Recordings
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