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Free Webinar: Robert Bosnak on Alchemy For Everyday Life

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During this free webinar, Robert Bosnak will take you on a fascinating immersion into the world of Alchemy. He will show you how the principles of this ancient practice can be made practical and applicable to everyday life.

This free event is an introduction to the full course with Robert Bosnak, Gibberish: Alchemy For Everyday Life. You will get a taste of how you could engage differently with the challenges and areas of ‘stuckness’ in your life. Expect to be armed with a deeper understanding of alchemical psychology and the teachings of the alchemists. And experience how – within the more unknown and mysterious aspects of life – there is a living spirit that wants to help you shift your consciousness.

About the presenter

Robert Bosnak has been a Zurich trained Jungian psychoanalyst for over 40 years and pioneered the Embodied Imagination® (EI) method. He is the author of several books translated into a wide variety of languages. He is Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and founder of the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary. He divides his life between Santa Barbara, California and Sydney, Australia.

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Download the Audio-Only Version (MP3)