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Sensitivity as a meaningful gift : interview with Malidoma Some on Divinations

Sensitivity as a meaningful gift
by Akke Jeanne Klerk

Becoming the delivery agent of messages from the other world.

Being sensitive and intuitive is not always experienced as a blessing. Sometimes feelings can overwhelm us and at other times we have seemingly random sensations, thoughts and emotions, and we don’t know what to make of it. We might even become hyper sensitive to an extent that our sensitivity is a hindrance rather than an asset.

According to Malidoma Some, an indigenous healer and gifted diviner from Africa, it is important to find a meaningful way of working with your sensitivities. One way to do this would be through becoming a diviner. Divination is a healing manifestation of spirit.

Malidoma says: “Sensitivity can be seen as an attunement to the other world. The other world is not there to torture the person but it is there to collaborate. A sensitive person seems to be selected for the job to convey messages from the other world to this world.”

In this perspective hyper sensitivity, a powerful instinct and a strong intuition are indications that you can be a diviner. It indicates that you are able to attract messages that can be translated and utilized in this world.

Through cowry shell divination you will be able to make sense of whats going on inside of you. The stones and shells echo what you feel inside. They translate messages of whats going on inside of you in a way that provides clarity. Being a diviner means that you become the delivery agent of messages from the other world. Your entire body can serve as a divination tool.

Knowing how to divine will enable you to participate meaningfully in your daily life. This means that you take your sensation, intuition, connection not as a figment of your imagination but as a reality and food for thought for yourself as well as for others.

Divination is suited for any one with a call to healing, wether you’re a currently a healing professional or not. And divination also matches well with anyone interested in the rich journey of self discovery and an interest in connecting to one’s own epic life story.

When becoming a diviner you’ll deepen the relationship with the natural and spiritual world. Your psyche becomes active and will mirror energy within the person that is consulting you. You’ll use the phenomena that are going on inside you and tell the story that is reflected back from what is in front of you. You’ll develop a capacity to organize your sensitivity, to organize the sequence of this sensitivity, and to translate it in a meaningful message for the other person.

Through divination you can help others, give them insight in what they are experiencing in life. When used like this sensitivity becomes a desirable quality and even a gift to society.

African shaman Malidoma Some shares his indigenous wisdom in a year long divination training.

Main topics during this training are the practicalities of the cowry shell divination technique, the paradigm that is underlying this divination technique and how to use your sensitivities and your body as a divination tool. The course will broaden your horizon, also it promotes personal and spiritual growth. In this course sensitivity is a great advantage. You’ll learn to choreograph your sensitivities and focus the energy on something meaningful so that you can make your sensitivity a gift to the world.

To learn more about this training course, click here.