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The World Needs Your Gift

The World Needs Your Gift

by Pamela Thompson

“Whether they are raised in indigenous or modern culture, there are two things that people crave: the full realization of their innate gifts, and to have these gifts approved, acknowledged, and confirmed…”

– Malidoma Patrice Somé, The Healing Wisdom of Africa

Ancient Wisdom and Healing

Throughout time and culture, humans have found and explored profoundly creative ways—through both formal and organic inquiry—to address the deeper aspects of who we are; not only as temporary corporeal beings, but also as spiritual souls.

In this way, the Dagara tribe of West African people have ancient traditions and methods of ritual and divination that have served their people as a useful modality to understand individual gifts and purpose. In a spirit of creative imploration, they seek out the help and guidance from the Otherworld through a method called cowry shell divination. In this useful modality, they have found ways to dissolve the normal boundaries of the tangible, mundane world and travel into the spiritual realms of their ancestors.

Your True Destiny

This ancient practice of cowry shell divination is a ritual rooted in a lineage that has been passed down for thousands of years from an ongoing ordained apprenticeship. The ancient practice has recently been brought to the mainstream of our Western world by way of individuals such as the great medicine man, elder Malidoma Patrice Somé.

With great need, it has become a useful tool in bridging the divides between the world’s diverse cultures, as well as a vital spiritual intermediary to the world of spirit and ancestors.

As it emerges from beyond its original borders of the indigenous people and into the consciousness of a wider world awareness, the art of cowry shell divination has become a useful facilitator as “a sacred portal to manifesting your true destiny” (Anthon St. Maarten).

The Cowry Shell Divination

The reading begins by the client formulating their intent to seek guidance from their ancestors and spirits. The introduction of a large cloth is made for visual effect, and upon this cloth, the five elements are colorfully illustrated in circular form.

Various objects such as shells, stones, and other items are then presented and set down in the middle of the cloth. The client is then asked to engage by spreading the objects in a circular pattern over the breadth of the cloth.

In a cowry shell divination, seemingly ordinary objects constellate to provide guidance for one’s path and purpose.

The objects are studied by the diviner, providing the constitution and dynamics for the meaning of the reading. These objects then become the symbolic interaction between the client and the Otherworld in relation to their place on the cloth, and how the objects interact with each other.

Purpose of the Cowry Shell Divination

The cowry shell divination is a multi-faceted and adaptable modality and can address any number of sought inquiries that may be of present concern, such as relationships, occupation, health… anything that is relevant to your present interests.

Validating personal gifts, it sheds light on how best to navigate your current path, both practical and inspirational, and helps to clarify an increased awareness of the internal and external obstacles and how best to approach the challenges you face.

The way in which the modality is applied and carried out invites an open, creative, and honest dialogue of inquiry and evokes curiosity that can circumvent worn out thought patterns and beliefs we can get stuck in over time, unlike other forms of inquiry that can inhibit the unconscious mind.

Machiel’s Personal Journey

Machiel Klerk is a talented diviner and a spiritual healer who has found his own calling from the traditions of West and South Africa through cowry shell divination. Seven years ago, Machiel began to have meaningful dreams about South Africa, the country of his birth. These dreams called to him, beckoning his attention to the cultures and indigenous healing traditions of his homeland. These dreams continued as did his exploration, leading him eventually to the shaman Malidoma Somé.

Through a series of synchronicities, Machiel met Malidoma and became more familiar with the sacred art of cowry shell divination. Upon invitation, Malidoma suggested Machiel return to him to learn the sacred art with and from him personally.

Machiel Klerk has spent the last two years learning the art of cowry shell divination.

For the last two years, Machiel has been training with Malidoma regularly. In addition to this training, he also continues to meet with other shamans and sangomas as he advances in his art; refining and deepening his understanding. And now, with much dedication and passion, Machiel is working hard to bring the sacred art to our own community, helping others to connect with the otherworld and to “see with spirit eyes.”

Personal Testimony

In my own experience and as a participant in a reading with Machiel, overall, I felt validated, understood and seen. Machiel’s ability for healing worked as a catalyst to impart a motivating force for soul expansion.

I felt Machiel to be highly intuitive and had the ability to see the overall patterns of my life. He utilized those insights to gather information relevant to my personal goals, bringing a sense of clarity, peace and encouragement.

Machiel was able to provide a safe place without judgment and that in turn, invited an open, honest inquiry which in turn, led to a wider exploration of content. It engendered a new creative language and a new understanding for me, and afforded ways to obtain keys to hidden doorways I had not seen before.

 In the process of the divination, Machiel saw important connections hidden from conscious awareness and uncovered additional golden nuggets of wisdom from the spiritual realm. These valuable treasures enlightened my understanding and brought a deeper sense of meaning, belonging, confidence and flow with myself and my surroundings. The divination on the whole left me with a uniquely fresh perspective of myself and the world around me.

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