African Spirituality – Introduction to the Central Pillars of Dagara Cosmology – by Malidoma Some

Course Title: Introduction to the Central Pillars of Dagara Cosmology.

Course description: In this four class course, Malidoma Some will discuss the five elements of the Dagara Cosmology. Those are Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral, and Nature, and are profound catalysts to reclaiming your personal power. This discourse of each element will inspire listeners and provide a unique glimpse into the healing wisdom of indigenous Africa. The African Wisdom tradition has deep insights for practical living in the western world.

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Class 1: Fire. Fire is the primordial element of creation that relates to passion and compassion, as well as the ancestors. We will talk about the cosmological meaning of this element with an emphasis of how it operates in daily community & individual lives.

Class 2: Water. The cosmological meaning of Water will be discussed and examined as the generator of life and the tool with which cleansing, purification and peace are affected.

Class 3: Earth. This discussion will center on the cosmological meaning of Earth as the home and the place of belonging and identity, the generator of comforts and wellness.

Class 4: Mineral & Nature. In this section we will combine the two final elements of Mineral & Nature. Mineral is the element of remembering, connecting, the tool for tuning in to each other and listening to the Other World and to this world. The element of Nature is the tool for effecting transformation, change, and bringing magic into life.

Malidoma Patrice Some is from Burkina Faso, West Africa. In his native language, Malidoma means "be friends with the stranger". A gifted medicine man of the Dagara tribe, he holds three master's degrees and two doctorates, from the Sorbonne and Brandeis. He is the author of 'Of Water and the Spirit'. He is a spokes person and storyteller of the African Wisdom tradition.

Find here a youtube clip on Malidoma Some :

Type of class: Audio Recording
Length: 4 x 60 minutes
Tuition Fee: $125

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