Going Out Of Your Mind with Robert Bosnak

Get Into Your Intelligent Body and Become More Resilient

A New 10-Class Online Course

Join world-renowned Jungian psychoanalyst and the pioneer of ‘Embodied Imagination’, Robert Bosnak, as he takes us on a journey of breaking free from our habitual consciousness and our pre-programmed attitudes and responses to life. This course is the global premiere of launching Robert’s ‘Embodied Intelligence’ or ‘MQ’ into the world.

To truly break free from habitual consciousness, we cannot rely on mental, emotional or psychological processes alone. With the concept of ‘Embodied Intelligence’ - or MQ – we can access different states of consciousness through the intelligent body, which in turn can bring about radical change and transformation.

During this 10-class online course Robert will show you how to access your Embodied Intelligence (MQ) and become more resilient in your daily life.


We all have moments when we feel stuck in unwanted situations; where we continue to feel as if we are not moving forward or finding a true solution. We keep moving in circles and feel unable to break free from the same old storyline we are living. This is because we have been conditioned to use our rational intelligence (IQ) or maybe even our emotional intelligence (EQ).

Yet there is an entirely different kind of intelligence, which is hardly ever considered in the world of traditional psychology: embodied intelligence (MQ). Unlike IQ or EQ, MQ probes into the roots of your consciousness to provide radically new information. Expanding your own MQ is one of the key objectives of this course.

Whether we are facing a personal crisis, want a career that is more meaningful, or dealing with unexpected changes in our life, finding new ways to approach a situation is crucial to breaking free.  Old stories create stale routines and prevent fresh perspectives.

In order to help participants break free from their habitual consciousness, this 10-class online course will do a deep-dive into a variety of universally relevant topics.

During each session, Robert will share simple and effective techniques and exercises to help you to get out of your mind and into your intelligent body. He will provide practical examples of how to raise your MQ, and also explore attitudes that help or obstruct this embodied intelligence. He will also invite brief vignettes from course participants, which will be worked on live during sessions.

By the end of this course you will: have more resilience; be able to adapt fluidly to the interior and exterior challenges in your world; open up to the creative potential within you; and allow for a fundamental transformation in your approaches to situations or problems in your life.

What you can expect from ‘Going Out Of Your Mind’: 

  • Participants will be oriented around the different themes and terminology that will be referred to during the course. Robert will share why routine or habitual consciousness is problematic; how, despite having high intelligence, the rational mind has significant limitations to finding joy, resilience or creativity; what the key principles of embodied intelligence are and how it offers radically different information compared to IQ and EQ.
  • Robert will consider the very unique set of routine consciousness challenges that each generation faces: Millennials and their quarter-life crises (being 25 and now what?), GenX-ers at their midlife (is this all there is?), and the first wave of Baby Boomers now rounding 70 with their late-life challenges (retirement, failing bodies and the last phase of life)
  • Whereas a lot of traditional psychological or self-help modalities encourage you to just shift your thinking, create another narrative or merely focus on positive thinking, Robert will show how embodied intelligence (MQ) allows you to consider the conscious experience of multiple perspectives.
  • Learn to recognize and dialogue with images in your dreams and in daily life. During the course Robert will impart how, when we pay unbiased attention to our night-time dreams, we can start noticing that we are in a world where multiple perspectives co-exist. Participants can consider this course as an in-depth apprenticeship to the world of dreams, were by learning to be more ‘dreamlike’ in our perceptions, we can be more present to the dance between perspectives in daily life.
  • Learn how to dialogue with the unknown dis-identified selves through the craft of Embodied Imagination and through Embodied Intelligence (MQ). The techniques and practices shared will show how - through our body and through building an attitude of ‘not-knowing’ - we can awaken to hitherto inaccessible realities and be touched by a sense of unknown mysteries with an attitude of wonder.
  • Learn how, by using our bodies as tools to explore the other presences surrounding us in the here and now, we can have dramatically enriched experiences. Robert will teach participants how to do this, and how to stay away from confabulation or making things up. True embodied imagination is the very opposite of mere figments. And in this way we can become the fully embodied alchemical vessel for all perspectives as we witness the emergence of fresh presences from the brew.
  • Explore alternate states of consciousness, and how our bodies as carriers of subtle intelligence provide conscious access to otherwise inaccessible information essential to creativity and healing. Understand, recognize and apply basic principles of alchemy when exploring alternate states of consciousness.
  • The course will also show how you can hold multiple perspectives vs the singular perspectives that likely got us stuck in the first place. By seeing our immediate physical environment as an image-environment, we can begin to experience our surrounding world as intelligent and vibrantly alive. A world full of perspectives that differ from ours and, through MQ, a world with which we can interact and have access to.

Ready to embark on a wild journey of going out of your mind and getting into your intelligent body with Robert Bosnak? Join this course and learn why the concept of embodied intelligence (MQ) is worlds apart from what is available in the traditional psychological market and enlightenment practices.

About the Course Presenter:

Robert Bosnak has been a Zurich trained Jungian psychoanalyst for over 40 years and pioneered the Embodied Imagination® (EI) method. He is the author of several books translated into a wide variety of languages. He is Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and founder of the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary. He divides his life between Santa Barbara, California and Sydney, Australia.

Duration each class:        90 minutes

Location:        Online / on-demand

Format:          audio and video

Course Fee:   $175


Enrollment details:

Book your space and pay online via the Jung Platform ‘Register’ button.

Or you can pay telephonically by calling: 801-656-8806

Alternatively send a check to:
Jung Platform
29 Layton Ave
Salt Lake City. UT. 8411

The Jung Platform Guarantee: If, once you’ve started the course, you feel that it may not be for you, you are welcome to cancel at no cost and get a full refund one week after the course starts.

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