Top rated lecture package (nine lectures)

for a limited time!

This package includes the following high rated lectures:

  • David Cumes - An Indigenous Approach to Dreams
  • Lionel Corbett - Jung’s Approach to Spirituality and Religion
  • Diane Musho Hamilton - The Miracle of We
  • James Hollis - The Psychospiritual Dilemma of Our Time
  • Coleman Barks and David Darling - An Evening of Rumi's Poetry with music and commentary
  • Stephen Aizenstat - Tending the Living Image: A Dream Tending Lecture
  • Bob Walter - Mythology, Health, and Healing
  • Michael Meade - Why the World Doesn't End
  • Richard Kradin - The Placebo Response: Power of Unconscious Healing


Format: Nine Audio lectures
Length: Each lecture is approximately 90 min
Cost: Regular price $154 now just $99

You can also send a check to Jung Platform,
29 Layton Ave.
Salt Lake City. UT. 84115

Pay by phone: +1-801-656-8806

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