Bob Walter – Mythology, Health, and Healing

Topic: In this talk we will explore the relationship between mythology and health: how the visceral beliefs—the myths—of both patient and physician interact either to positively impact or impede, not only their interpersonal relationship, but more importantly, the healing process itself.

We will investigate some of the biological bases for such mythic understandings, and scrutinize the ways in which technological development, globalization, and the ubiquity of mass media are continually redefining and reshaping our understanding of what it means to be “healthy.”

Finally, we will diagnose, so to say, the well-being of the body politic by examining how our contemporary mythos—whether consciously articulated or unacknowledged—fails to inform our lives with the art of living by its insistent denial of the fact of death and the inevitability of our dying.

Presenter Bob Walter: In 1979 Bob “retired” from the professional theater and became editorial director of Joseph Campbell’s Historical Atlas of World Mythology. When Campbell died (1987), Bob, his literary executor, completed portions of his Atlas and oversaw the posthumous publication of Volume I (two books) and Volume II (three). In 1991, Jean Erdman Campbell and Bob created the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF), and he was named its executive director. He continues as executive editor of the Collected Works of Joseph Campbell to guide the publication of Campbell's oeuvre in print, audio, and video. He was appointed JCF president in 1998. He has presented papers, seminars, and/or workshops on four continents, and has served since 2002 as a Trustee of the Tamalpais Union High School District (Marin County, California).

Format: Audio lecture
Length: approximately 90 min
Cost: $14.75

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Price: $14.75

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