Dreams, Complexes and the Self – by Dr. Michael Conforti

Dreams, Complexes and The Self
The Eclipse of God and the Creative

"Matter is Spirit moving Slowly enough to be seen" - De Chardin

General Overview: According to Conforti 'The dream is a telling of the life we are meant to live, of a destiny awaiting our arrival, and of a union with something far greater than we could have ever imagined.  So too, the dream tells us when we arrived at some dead end roads, of those fits and starts that silence the call of Self, and confining us to an outdated and undeveloped life". In this four week course Dr. Conforti will give us hints at how to understand these dream images.

Session 1     Dreams and the Objective Psyche
It was the brilliance of Jung to observe the presence of universal motifs in our dreams.   Images of the journey, the descent, the ascent, etc speaks to a series of portals that humanity has traversed since the beginning of time, and continue to shape the lives of each and every one of us. Following in the tradition of Jung and the sages and dreamers coming before him, we will address the nature and presence of  these archetypal images in our dreams.

One of the ways we will investigate the objective, archetypal nature of dreams is to look at the image of the president/king.   In my 35 years of clinician practice I have never seen so many dreams addressing the issue of the presidency as I have within this past year.   Clearly this is a national and international issue of great importance. However equally important is the  archetypal meaning of this president/king which represents the  current executive function of the personality.  In light of this, we will look at the meaning of this image in current dreams.

Session II     Dreams and the Eclipse of God: The  Relationship between Personal Complexes and the Archetypal Meaning of a Dream:
Building on the previous session, we now turn our attention to the dreamers personal reaction to the dream. Here the meaning we give to a dream often reveals more about a complex activated by the dream,  than it does about the inherent meaning of the dream itself.  To  focus solely on our reactions to dream images may occlude the archetypal and non-personal meaning of the dream. It is this relationship and difference between personal complexes and the archetypal nature of dreams that is the central focus of this session.

Session III    Identifying Archetypal Patterns in Dreams:
Be it images of the new king, queen, marriage, or  some other aspect of life's journey, each image and experience speaks to a archetypal reality present in our psyche. Our work is to understand and bring to life the nature of the image and in seeing its expression in myth, fable and literature, we may arrive at an understanding of its meaning.

Session IV    Translation of the Dreams Archetypal Meaning

It was the great Talmudic scholar, Saul Liberman who like Jung, taught us to approach the dream and sacred texts free of bias, and conjecture. As each contains their own wisdom, traditions and language, they asks us to know something of their world. Our task in this session is to learn the language and world of the dream images and to translate, this archetypal and sacred meaning into our daily life.

About the speaker: Dr. Michael Conforti is a Jungian analyst and the Founder and Director of The Assisi Institute.  He has been a faculty member at the C.G. Jung Institute - Boston, the C.G Jung Foundation of New York. A pioneer in the field of matter-psyche studies, Dr. Conforti is actively investigating the workings of archetypal fields and the relationship between Jungian psychology and the New Sciences. He has presented his work to a wide range of national and international audiences, including the C.G. Jung Institute - Zurich and Jungian organizations in Venezuela, Denmark, Italy, Bogota Columbia, Russia and Canada.

He is the author of Threshold Experiences: The Archetype of Beginnings (2007) and Field, Form and Fate: Patterns in Mind, Nature and Psyche (2013). His articles have appeared in Psychological Perspectives, San Francisco Jung Library Journal, Roundtable Press, World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution, and Spring Journal.

Dr. Conforti maintains a private practice in Mystic, CT and consults with individuals and corporations around the world.  He provides his insights as a sought-after consultant to businesses, government institutions, and the film industry.

Length: Four class course: 4 times a 60 minute class. (incl. an audio recording)

Cost: $99

or pay by phone +1-801-656-8806

or send a check to: Jung Platform. 29 Layton Ave. Salt Lake City. UT. 84115



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