Michael Meade – The Light Inside Dark Times

Description: Whether it be the fear of financial crisis or the uncertainties of climate change, the world has a more fearful and uncertain place. Yet, soul often awakens in the darkest hours as something deeper and wiser stirs within us.
The soul is the light hidden inside the dark that secretly holds things together within each of us and within the world. Often when all seems lost, the things that are most essentially ours can be found again.

Presenter: Michael Meade is one of the greatest depth psychological teachers of our time, and his story telling ability is magical and profound. Mr. Meade has studied myth, anthropology, history of religion, and cross-cultural rituals for over 35 years. His interpretations of ancient myths and symbols are highly relevant to current culture. He has an unusual ability to distill and synthesize these disciplines, tapping into ancestral sources of wisdom, while connecting them to the stories of people today. He is an author, scholar, mythologist and storyteller and founder of a non-profit organization Mosaic Voices.

Preview of the video

Format: Audio & video lecture (you will get an audio only recording + a recording of the video)
Length: approximately 90 min
Cost: $22.50

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Pay by phone: +1-801-656-8806

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Price: $22.50

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