May 14 - 17, 2020

Starts in 38 days, 1 hour, 21 minutes, 29 seconds

Starts 9am PT / 12pm ET

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The Jungian process of psychological growth

Jung Platform is excited to announce our first Jungian summit and you are invited.
Using Carl Jung’s process of psychological growth as foundation, this Summit will take you on a journey to explore and utilize methods that can help you create a more conscious, rich, full and meaningful life. One which is true to your unique essence.

An exclusive four-day online event with some of the world’s greatest luminaries


Robert Bosnak

Becoming Who You Aren't Yet


Patricia Berry

A Slight Revisioned Take on Individuation


Michael Meade

Engaging With Your Genius


John van Eenwyk

An Introduction to Individuation

PLUS 8 other Jungian Psychology experts

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Machiel Klerk

Jung Platform Founder


Akke-Jeanne Klerk

Jung Platform Founder

Become who you truly are

3 Daily sessions around individuation principles and tools

Understand yourself better by using Carl Jung’s theories on archetypal structures, the persona, the shadow and anima/animus.

Connect with unconscious energies, tap into your genius and experience the mystery of life.

Recognizing synchronicity and having the courage to follow it for a more rewarding life.

Use dreams, active imagination, myths and alchemy to create a full, rich and more meaningful life.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in their psychological growth and development as applied through a Jungian lens.

This Summit offers something for everyone, whether you are discovering Jungian Psychology for the first time or a Jungian expert, professional or therapist.

What you will gain from the Summit

Become more aware of who you truly are as you move closer to becoming a whole and centered human.

Equip yourself with techniques and tools to stimulate your own psychological growth.

Learn from professionals as they guide you through individuation concepts and integrating psychological theory with real-life.

Discover new perspectives around individuation through open-discussion forums.

Create a more meaningful life and discover how to realize your true potential.

Summit starts in 38 days, 1 hour, 21 minutes, 29 seconds


Become who you truly are

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