Erica Lorentz

Erica Lorentz, M.Ed., L.P.C. is a Jungian Analyst (IAAP) with forty year of clinical experience. Since 1988, she has lectured and taught classes and workshops throughout the US and in Canada. She has been a training analyst since 1998 (presently at the C. G. Jung Institute of New England). She does does individual, couples, and group work. While she has a deep and varied clinical background, she is deeply interested in what dreams, emotions, physical symptoms, and the inner imaginal realms are trying to teach her clients. She believes that anxiety, depression, anger, compulsion, illness, PTSD, etc. are all the body/psyche’s way of drawing our awareness to how we need to grow. Erica’s training and personal experience with verbal and non-verbal/embodied processes enables her to facilitate access to and understanding of the conversation between our conscious and unconscious, and between our body/mind/soul.

Courses and Lecturesby Erica Lorentz